Tired of the finger pointing...

...that often results when you have problems with your electrified security system?  
We can solve your problems by designing, supplying, installing, and wiring your system.  Let Cleveland Vicon coordinate your mechanical hardware, electrified hardware, card access system, CCTV and wiring.  With Cleveland Vicon as your one single source supplier, your security system will provide solutions, not problems.

We can offer solutions to a variety of your problems including:

  • Access to your building based on time & day

  • Easy access for handicapped individuals

  • Appropriate levels of security for different areas

  • Badging and credentialling

  • Remote access to video and access control systems from any internet browser

We have multiple forms of technology available to you, including:

  • Biotechnology (palm, finger, retinal scanning)

  • Smart Cards

  • Proximity Cards

  • Swipe Cards

  • PIN Systems

Using Cleveland Vicon assures that your mechanical and electrical systems will interface correctly and meet current fire and building codes.


Access Control
In this day and age, we know how effective it is to use technology as security, but we also know how confusing it can be. Let Cleveland Vicon take the confusion away. We'll deliver, install, and program your access control security systems so that you know they'll work properly the first time and every time. 
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