Working together to keep people safe and secure.

Why we do it

It’s not just about door knobs, doors and dollars.

Okay, so money changes hands, but what give us a sense of pride about our work is being able to provide safety and security.  We value the kids in the schools we work on, the seniors in the nursing homes we supply, the moms and dads that work in the offices where our doors go.  Our attention to the building codes that keep them safe and the products that keep them secure is what drives our work.  

How we do it

We work on a three-legged stool.  If one leg isn’t working right, it’s not going to stand.  So, every leg is important.

Our customers, our employees, and our suppliers are the legs of our stool and we work hard to take very good care of all of them.  Of course, we want our customers to be pleased with their Cleveland Vicon experience, but we know that happy employees help us keep great customers.  Our partnerships with top notch suppliers, providing quality products, make it easier for our employees to satisfy our customers as well. 

Every leg has to work together.